Sweden Horse Riding - Reindeer Mustering with Sámi Village

Feel the cool winds in your face, as you ride up the mountain to get the reindeer...

-- SamiskaUpplevelser (Renar)

A completely unique and new adventure, to participate in the Sámi village work of mustering
the herds of reindeer for the annual branding that takes place during the
Scandinavian summer night…

For those of you who have been there, done that, got the t-shirt, ridden in the wild, hot south… This is a golden pebble for someone who wants to experience something truly out or the ordinary. Really, it is even outside of the realm of extra-ordinary. Mountains. Horses. Sámi people. Reindeer. All words echoing and resonating within our soul. Full of hidden meaning. Alluring. Bewildering. A scent of age-old traditions and wide, open spaces.

A taste of Sápmi.

This is a unique possibility to participate in the finest occasion there is for a Sámi: the yearly reindeer mustering and calf-branding, way up in the mountains of Sweden. Really, really tough riding conditions in alpine areas with a specific goal: to be an active part of this age-old tradition and not just another tourist. During the mustering the reindeer have to be herded together and the calves branded. This is an extraordinary and unique moment for an expert horse rider to actually have a chance at participating in this event. It depends on your own ability on horseback how much you will be able to actively participate in the mustering…

Your hosts are two Sámi brothers, and they distribute the responsibilities between them: one is in charge of the reindeer mustering and the other is in charge of being a host and herdsman. You will ride with both of them and also on your own out on the mountain. All equipment will be provided for you so that you have what it takes to survive in this place.

This tour is set to happen between June 28th and July 11th – but no exact dates can be scheduled, as this is a dynamic happening, the herds have to arrive, and flow over the mountains… So we start the ride with reindeer reconnaissance rides, and that also gives you the time to get to know your horse. We will be the first eyes up on the mountain, and our reports will help the others in their endeavor.  We will be of service to the whole Sámi village. After this the mustering and herding starts in earnest, with ATV’s and motorcycles and horses doing the work. These are really tough days ahead of us, and we stay the nights in a reindeer herder’s cabin.

When the herds have gathered, the branding starts. This takes place during the hours of the short, Scandinavian night, when it is cooler and no insects around. We will sleep heavily during the first part of the morning until lunchtime, while the reindeer get let out to graze and drink. This will go on for two or three nights, until we have finished.

This is a unique opportunity to not only come and watch some Sámi culture, but to actually come and LIVE IT. In action. And the number of participants is limited. Strictly limited. If you want to participate in the reconnaissance ride and a part of the mustering, you will be in a group of only 4 people. And then if you want to also participate, working hard, shoulder to shoulder with the Sámi, doing a job that has been done for millennia… Well, then you will be one of only 2 people allowed in the group. This is a very rare opportunity to live something absolutely unique.

This is most certainly not a five-star-hotel-ride. But we can guarantee five-star experiences. 




For information about this ride, write to:                      eilert.ahren@gmail.com