Sweden Horse Riding - Horseback Rabbit Hunting with Ferrets

-- Ekeskogs2 (Iller)

Something completely new for 2011: Rabbit hunting from horseback with the help of ferrets…
This is an exciting, long weekend of hunting on one of Sweden’s large islands, Gotland. But the twist is you get to and from the hunting grounds on horseback, and to help find the rabbits, you work together with a trained ferret. Lots of laughs and great companionship is guaranteed!
Incredible food and gorgeous lodgings.

Rabbit are abundant and clever… The only way to get them is to bring along someone who is even smarter… Cocki, the ferret!  During this weekend we leave the car at Maria’s Hästeri, from where we take off on horseback out to the hunting grounds. The horses relax while we start our hunt with Cocki – this little ferret finds them at once, and quickly slips into the rabbit holes.

It all starts really well. We come to get you at the ferry or the airport, and bring you home to us where you can get settled. After a delightful sandwich stuffed with smoked lamb, arugula salad and tomatoes, and a drink, you will have a good night’s sleep.

It keeps getting better. Very early the next morning, we set out for the hunting grounds. Our fearless leader brings out Cocki the Ferret, who will do anything to sink his teeth into some soft rabbit neck… Anticipation… Whether we get a rabbit or not, we WILL get us a fabulous lunch out by an open fire in the woods. And in the afternoon we will be back at home, where you can relax a bit, or have an After-Hunt-massage, perhaps?
In the evening we are served a grand dinner in the big family house at the farm. Food is one of the good – and our chef cooks makes delicious dishes from what is available and in season right now. Maybe a huge roast (in case you are tired of rabbit already) served with just caught wild baked potatoes. Breakfast is of course country-style and composed of locally produced eggs, organic yoghurt, home-baked bread, marmalade, and cold cut delicacies. 

Then it just hits the roof. Next morning we are off on a new hunt, to see if Cocki will find any more rabbits. He is a hard working little bugger.

This is the year of the Ferret!

And whatever you have shot during this weekend, you can bring home with you

Lodgings in a nice cottage on the farm, fabulous lunches out in the field and grand dinners in the Manor in the evening  - all moments for good stories, perhaps about that huge rabbit that got away?



For more information about this ride, write to: info@ekeskogs.com