Sweden Horse Riding - Scandinavian Knights

The powerful North Swedish horse under you is ready, his muscles are ready for action. 

-- ScandinavianKnights (SvarteOrm)

You don’t even have to think the thought, and you are already away. The audience is cheering. Your time is now. You have been learning how to wield the sword this week and now you are ready to enter the arena with your battle horse. Your experienced instructor – Lars, with many years of experience – is giving you the sign to get going. And you are off. 

When you get back you have no idea how your run was, but the roars from the crowds speak their clear language. A childlike joy rises in you above all adult formality. You are screaming out your own joy. You have had one week’s training during your holiday. Maybe you came here for the holiday, but the training has more and more taken over all your thoughts. The outside world has slipped far, far away. You are now deeply immersed into the mountain ranges of central Scandinavia. Now all you care about is your horse and the tournament. After this week you will remember many things, but mostly the inner voyage you have made, in company of your trusted North Swedish horse and the cheers from your instructor, but for now? All you can think of is the soaring crowds and the blood rushing through in your veins.

Wången is an old stud farm for the North Swedish horse. This is the place for the Scandinavian Tournaments’ knight-camp, where they train before the season of jousting all over the Scandinavian countries. The order is a purveyor of the Swedish and Norwegian courts of jousting spectacles.

The days are filled with playful training where you learn together with your horse. You develop your speed, agility and precision during the m

edieval-style training – your creativity has no more boundaries… With a broad sword, lance, spear, flail and bow you have to target, pick up and crush object representing the enemy. In the afternoons we brae off from training to go riding into the deep forests and mountain ranges to track animals, and maybe we will see moose, roe deer, deer, capercaillie (wood grouse) and black grouse. It is a lot easier to get close to the wildlife when you are on horseback. Your horse is a part of this nature.

The last day the training is crowned with a true tournament, with an audience, in the great indoor riding and driving arena at Wången. Afterward, there is a huge Medieval feast with tables laden with roasts, mead, mulled wine, all taken in the merry company of knights in shining armor, jesters singing satirical ballads and finished off by “long dance” throughout the restaurant, to the music of drums and horns.
To participate in the Knights-camp during a whole week is like entering a whole new world: here playfulness, learning personal development and life take on new meanings. All that in combination with great lodgings and geuine, gourmet-like meals gives your heart a jump-start into something greater. You are quickly one of the gang, and you enter the battle grounds with the professional knights as if this was for real.
Maybe it is. 


For information about this adventure, write to: maria@ekoturism.org