Sweden Horse Riding - Medieval Experience Ride

Through time and space, straight into the Medieval era... -- Kinnekulle (Medeltidsritt)

Through time and space, straight into the Medieval era, with gorgeous clothes and colorful riding. Ride through forests and meadows, to old stone quarries and Medieval jousting grounds. Feel the strong North Swedish horse work under you, and enjoy the feel of the olden days’ clothes you are wearing.

This week on horseback is unusual. Very unusual. This is a possibility for you as a rider to take a deep dive into the Middle Ages, both when it comes to food and clothes. A week with lovely riding, good food and phenomenal hosts. 

You stay in sweet double rooms at a small country inn, Pensionat Karlslund, with newly refurbished bathrooms in the corridor and inviting common rooms to just hang around in. We walk or go by horse and carriage to reach the stables where our horses await us, and every day has something new to offer, from stolls in the Orangerie at Hellekis Säteri, to visits to the Pilgrimage Inn in Forshem.

You will visit places that have had huge importance for the making of our nation and the identity of Sweden, places which still have a heart beat that shines through and gives you isight into our history. But we also fool around and have fun swimming in the old quarry and go cheer for our favorite jousting knights at the tournaments.

One day we will go visit the castle Läckö Slott, and have lunch there, and then we go on to Rörstrand and Lidköping. In the evening we get back together and go for a long night ride to the quarry, where we will have out dinner under the stars. Medieval music will light up our evening, and the ride home will take place in the lovely, Scandinavian night.

The clothes we ride in are called Tabards (“the cape of the Herald”) and they are like a simple tunic taken from Medieval drawings. We will lend you one, and they are interestingly very good to ride in.
We ride everyday around3-4 hours, depending on the ride. Day 3 and 5 we will wear normal riding clothes.



For information about this ride, write to: info@ridupplevelser.com