Sweden Horse Riding - Kalvefall's Working Holiday

Active, working holiday, while learning the basics of Natural Horsemanship.-- Kalvefalls4 (Tack room)

Total immersion into the land of legends, a feeling of enchantment comes over you… You learn new things every day, and the magic between horse and man has never been so evident… Goodness. Warmth. Ease. Sunshine.
On this working holiday you will work with us at the farm for about four hours every day. And then you will go riding with a guide for 3 hours into the deep forests.

This is an active and alternative holiday at Kalvefall’s Gård. You will learn a lot about Natural Horsemanship and about the way we train our horses. You will also participate in our long rides on NH-trained horses – our strong and happy North Swedish cold bloods.

Lodging is in single, double or triple rooms, all ensuite, here on our farm, and all your meals are both prepared and taken together with the family. We have all our meals either in the family house or in the farm pub.

The work you will participate in will be whatever we are doing the week you visit – it can entail mending fences, cleaning stables, painting, training horses och cleaning up the work shop… Muck out stalls, polish saddles, go shopping for provisions. Anything that happens during low season to get ready for the actual season to start.

Of course you will also have time to go swimming, shopping sightseeing and so on.



For information about this ride, write to: olle@atur.se