Sweden Horse Riding - Where Myth Meets Magic

Horse Riding Holidays in Sweden

Country of Northern Lights, fabulous horses, deep forests and great food.
Fun. Wild. Exciting.

Sweden Horse Riding is for riders who are ready to go on their big riding adventure.
For people who want to meet some of Sweden's most charismatic horse people,
and... ride their fabulous horses.

Horses that are fun to ride, people who are fun to hang with.
And nature that makes your heart beat stronger.

Have you seen everything already? Been there, done that? Even got the T-shirt?
This is different. This is full immersion into something out of this world.

Some of the finest riding adventures in Sweden are here at your fingertips.
Right this very minute. Don’t miss it.

This is equestrian tourism, with a twist, and a shake, and a bang.

For real.